About me

I was born in 1986 in a small northern village in Portugal. In 2004 I moved to Oporto to study architecture in FAUP, the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. I worked and studied in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under the FAUP's student exchange program and travelled across South America, developing my interest for different cultures, cinema and photography. Back to Portugal, the interest for photography and cinema led me to attend several workshops and lectures in order to develop my technical and artistic knowledge in these areas. After I finished my master dissertation about the representations of the city in brazilian cinema, I started to work as and architect and at the same time developing several projects in photography, video and design and spent the last two years studying professional photography at Portuguese Institute of Photography. Today I work in architecture, photography and occasionally as DJ. Although I believe that my architecture and photography education are essencial to understand, represent and build space, I seek my future and my projectual identity in multidisciplinarity. Currently based in Faial, Azores PT

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2017 - (November/December) "Nocturnal Animals" individual exhibition - Miolo Gallery, Ponta Delgada, S.Miguel, Azores, Portugal

2017 - (November/December) "The power of Music Festivals" : Collective exhibition - organized by APORFEST, Almada, Portugal

2017 - (February) FNAC New Talents Photography : Honourable Mentions - FNAC Sta. Catarina, Porto, Portugal

2015 - (December) 21(impossibilidades) : Collective exhibition - Palacete Pinto Leite, Porto, Portugal

2014 - (October) House for Birds : Collective exhibition - Adamastor Studios, Lisbon, Portugal

2012 - (July) Hidden Reality : Collective exhibition - Hard Club, Porto, Portugal

2012 - (March) Documental : Collective exhibition - Hard Club, Porto, Portugal

2011 - (February) Fragments : Collective exhibition - IPJ, Porto, Portugal


2017 - Honourable Mention - FNAC New Talents Photography








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